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I haven’t done my movie review, huh? :( sorry, i just don’t have the time anymoooore D:

And I guess you can find and read comments at imdb or International Movie Data Base! They’re almost similar to my opinions anyway. To sum up what I thought about Man of Steel that it wasn’t funny it was too serious + it was really noisy and destructive the sounds in the imax theatre were extreme but the movie was pretty much had a futuristic feel and the life of Superman, we even saw Vic Sotto’s brother there, which my friend is related to hahah and the kid agreed that it was loud inside. The movie was great anyway. After Earth was a bit disappointing because I was expecting a lot of action, which I think were still not enough since the suspense and thriller of the adventure did not include Jaden’s real father and fictional father, Will Smith. Larry Crowne was said to have directed by himself as well, and the movie was pretty good and awesome and kewl, it had a good feel with the classics and the characters were well-rounded to their personalities :)

My class is still going on quiet, idk why, but somehow we’re pretty disciplined.

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