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Yesterday bonding with Kin/Cousins hahaha~

I started out the day with a wake-up greeting from my tita, who just came home from states with puhsuhlubohng. 

Well, it was of course another very sunny afternoon. My lola, tita, my 2 cousins and me were off to Southmall since my parents were at work.
We bought a lot of things. And I even saw my childhood best friend at National. Then, we headed to the food court. By the way, Fatboy’s has false advertisement on the picture the boy wasn’t even near fat, ooooh anxiety issues haha.image


Me and tita ordered Oreo cheesecake & Strawberry banana. She kept joking that she hopes it drops so it would be free, but I forgot to tell her it’s “Served Upside Down or It’s free!” hahahaha hay. Oh, and my cousin asked me if it doesn’t fall down when I got to our table, and then I showed her and unfortunately on my try a chunk of it slid into my hands and it was a tasty disaster. And people were looking because my relatives screamed. And I just laughed and there was a generous tissue offered at the beginning of our people so that was put in use and came in handy more than ever in my stupid moment haha. 

I took the photos with my phone so not-so-good quality. It suddenly rained and my cousins and I mostly horsed around the whole court or the mall haha and I wore my diy shirt & shorts~ 


We got home and ate chips and I checked out the things that are for me, and I took a picture of the new bag I really liked. And the things I bought included fuzzy wires!!! slash pipe cleaners~ And I decided to play with it and do crafts for them! I made crazy shades~image

Here is the craft I made!~

I hope my cousins stay though I don’t really talk to anyone much besides commenting on television…

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