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Every drop counts.

So I was just taking random pictures outside then I ate Sinigang, and just minutes ago I puked it all out. Every time I swallow it feels like sandpaper in my throat or something :| What’s happening to me? :(

Anyways, the sky today is pretty (as usual):


but let me introduce the REAL cloud

My cat had 3 other siblings and two parents. I originally had adopted 2 street cats that were dirty when I was just 9 or something.

Well Earth (the mother) along with sun & scar (2 other siblings) was thrown away in a park near us because my mom was mad at them for ruining the screen in our garage. Star died one day and Heaven (daddy) was left behind with the only one I kept because I begged my mom.

the orange daddy Heaven always goes strolling around our village and kept fighting other big cats that visits them, I tried to take good care of them. And He kept doing things to cloud… to this pussy hahahaha if you know what I mean joke. but one day heaven just stopped visiting us.She keeps playing by herself sometimes when I’m around but she scratches so I don’t go near her, but I can’t stop thinking how’s it like to be a cat hahahahahaha she gets attacked by tougher cats on the roof sometimes and I hear screeching and that…
Sexy biatch wait what do you call a lady cat?

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