The start of the burrr! months (corny weeee~)
I started this Saturday with my family with again another busy morning with rushing and everything since I woke up late (again, of course). Anyways, I didn’t get to take a picture of my breakfast that was real cancerous as we talked about just now which had cupcakes in them.. Okay skip that, on our way to Novaliches, Quezon City — Where I get my braces adjusted and where my dad works.. We arrived at my ninang’s clinic in which you now know she’s our dentist, after various chats and random chatting of my mom and her cousin they kept complimenting me on how I look prettier growing up HAHAHA.

Well, after having the gray color metal and everything put on and cleaned we said our goodbyes and waited for a public MRT to drop us off at Trinoma. My aztec tank + crop top over-all got a lot of second glances in the mall, my mom said I had style hiks. Me and my mom were just roaming around I bought a few stuff at Clipper, I especially loved that Green Frog glasses case! wee >u< Moving on, my dad came and we finally decided to eat at Kenny Rogers and I ordered well that and a mango shake which tasted delicioso! We met my tito who has a booth there (LG TV brand) which I decided to watch with the free 3D glasses which was osom like oyeah. Then my dad went to Toby’s to buy his new racket in his favorite sport - badminton, while me and my mom search for phones which apparently I’m going to tell you now that my ipod’s LCD screen is cracked and I used an iphone 4s in these photos.. sigh. 

Continuing our mall roaming I told them I wanted to check out Powerbooks because John Green books has too much good reviews and temptation brought me closer into buying one, Looking for Alaska, which I’m not trying to be “in” or anything it’s just… THEY SAY IT’S REAL GOOD. Oh and I bought a lock for me and my bestfriend’s locker + a new sailor’s pencil case! Woohps. By Dinner time, my dad cooked amazing calamari and salad, we had cupcakes from the hotel my mom works in~

Family bonding is a thing you must cherish by every second.

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