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Do you ever just think about how many thorns you’ve pricked people with? How much it would sink into them until the pain is unbearable already? 

The feeling was inexplicably numinous! 

Scary. Thrilling. Exciting. You name it.. I have a love for surfing now. I want to live by the beach or maybe be a mermaid (not the childhood-scarring nightmare creature kind). The instructor was good at telling me the right methods yet really, the success will come from the one who does the surfing and I’m proud of not giving up! I even got to surf about ten waves… got hit by a lot though. After some time, I actually wound up on shore being slammed to the sand over and over by the non-stop crashing of the water but I didn’t stop there even if I was bloody exhausted.

And yes, my body extremely hurt afterwards… but it was worth it of course. I even got plenty of wounds and scratches on my right foot, that still stings because of the huge ass rocks that took my fall when I crashed down my surfboard.

kairos καιρός
"the appointed time in the purpose of God"

every moment feels right 

Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte :)

…everything was scorching hot btw


Remember my post with my new adopted baby cousin that looked like me as a baby? :D Well, I was the official photographer for her special celebration last Saturday at Brentville! (yep, the one where Pacman used to have house there too + the school, as I’ve heard, has a McDo stall? or idk haha someone just told me)

Day 2 of the happy challenge is about this beautiful and holy event that I witnessed for the first time. That’s because I don’t have a sibling u know huhu..

It took place at the local church in Biñan, Laguna. Kids weren’t allowed, but photos for the documentation was important. So, I was needed inside the place where the chosen ninangs and ninongs were all gathered around! (good thing, my dad was a ninong because he helped me take better shots and for the support that was essential to me)
my tito, tita and the newly baptized who looks so cute altogether!!!

the after party reception was at the Brentville clubhouse!

so fancy schmansy huh! (holy moly hangover hahaha)our table had this and my grandma kept telling me to change the bears!!! so she kept telling me to exchange our brown bear to this pink one but there were plenty of white ones that looked cuter sigh

this photo shows my other cousin who was brave enough for the chop-your-hand trick and it was my first time as well to see something like that and it was really nerve-wracking!
there were plenty of attractions around like a Nachos & Ice cream cart, Face Painting, Photobooth, Desserts area, Prizes area and the clubhouse (of course) had a pool! The piñata pot was hung by the pool after the games and I was just terrified but at the same time excited that the kids might fall hahahaha oh the joy.. too bad I didn’t have a swimsuit to join in and some photos of the exact explosive-powdery hit of the pot shot isn’t with me so I couldn’t show you guys how it looked like :( but overall, happy!

Hope you guys are having a blast this summer, because maybe by the time you read this I am in ILOCOS hehehehe ;)

You're just fifteen? HOLY MOLY, you're amazing! - Anonymous



The Too Much Information chain tag :)

Thank you for tagging me here, Amiel!!! ♡♡

I have nothing good to post atm so I queued this for my blog.

+ I can’t wait to tell you guys that I just joined the 100 Happy Days Challenge!!! And this is my post for Day 1 because I’m happy people tag me in these things because they still want to know things about me and that’s one reason why I love tumblr as well, you’re never out of people who doesn’t care about you! (and vice-versa haha). So, yup, things are mostly going to be happy around here okay. I hope you guys try as well here! {click} Godspeed~

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 The Happy Sisters 2!

Day 2 - 3 (April 10 Thursday - 11 Friday)

As I said, I’ll be continuing my post about the summer slumber with the happy organisms! 

Well, as we…I mean THEY woke up.. me, kyla and ate Raleigh went jogging in Philam park but kyla just sat down on a bench.. and our clothes were really not fit for jogging HAHA I WAS RUNNING IN FLATS LOL. The downside was there were guys disrespecting ate Ra and I actually came across cursing them so we immediately reported the guys because they were following us (her) and shouting that they’ll follow until we get home so that’s.. just.. geez have some decency in your system

We got home and FINALLY I GOT SOME SLEEP for 2 hours with them and then ate breakfast hooray. We got to catch up with things happening and missed two of our other organism friends that couldn’t join us, unfortunately. Made ref cake instead of dwelling about it, and by ref cake I mean nutella-with-peanut-butter-banana-and-peachers-in-the-middle-of-graham cake hahahaha + we made graham balls as well hihi

After that delicious & productive adventure, we went to her friend’s garage sale and bought clothes for our balloon fight the next day while we played PANTS with our new 6 year old friend from the same school we go to!

The giggles & “kilig” overload happened when we watched the based on a real story: Crazy Little Thing Called Love p’shone & p’nam SIGH WHYYYY so adorable it got me crying huhu then after that we went to a harry potter inspired place called Mystic Brew wherein they advertise some of the happy organism’s products! :) 

ate ra aka happy organism, ate veniz (her sister), audrey (best singer i just) then there’s me..i look so serious drinking butter beer hahaha and boberz! 
that night we put make-up on each other guided by Michelle Phan’s youtube channel! But before that we played Marco Polo and Improvised Twister in the room and let Audrey sing to us Let It Go and she absolutely did a fine job~ followed by all that and the highlight was (fyi i think we were high bc of the butter beer soda hahaha) WE TOOK A VIDEO OF US DANCING TO SINGLE LADIES AND TIMBER WITH NOT-SO EXACT STEPS AS THE DANCERS and yep definite blackmail material

After a good night’s sleep (not for ate veniz’ this time though bc she had to do something for her college) and after watching Insidious 2 at around 3pm we decided to the plastic balloon dye fight! Yep, and beside us were guys playing basketball and they were ALL watching us AHAHHAHA if you’re ever going to try warning: extremely messy but at the same time super fun

Shakey’s the place for the last chats of our day and I thank them all for the great and fabulous time I had with them!

Don’t waste your summer guys, find the time to spend it with meaningful people you love~ God bless!

i’m so done dun dun dun

 The Happy Sisters!

Day 1 - April 9 (Wednesday)

Oh, the annual (not hunger games) ((since last year)) summer slumber at our old tutor / older sister’s, me and kyla are adopted, house happened last week with her younger sister & younger than us, cousin! I’m sorry for blogging so late had things to do during the weekend + it’s Holy Week better pray and rest guys…and browse tumblr hahah

The first day, we met the happy organism’s new pets! (ironic haha)image

imagewe got there by 11am and second, we mostly just watched short horror films on youtube… I suggest you guys to watch Lights Out :-) if u want to be scarred in the fear area of your brain like me :-) 

imagethird, after buying pirated movies HAHAHAH yeah.. we played Among The Sleep then watched Dead Silence aka creepiest doll movie i’ve ever seeeeeeeen fkjghdkfhgk with the two cats, lolita and sedora, with their gorgeous eyes but too bad I just had my itouch 4 with me so practically can’t capture them properly 

fourth, they had a hot oil machine (i think it was their parents’) and we used iiit hooray haha spa house naks

fifth, they all went to sleep while I did nooot get any, we were 4 in the room and still my mind was too paranoid and I kept overthinking every little scary image and suspense horror I witnessed in a day (the most I had in my 15 years) but I was so glad some of my friends like more than 5 people yet less than 10 were still awake with me (my nocturnal friends).
*practically day 2 right here as well haha*

The sad part though was when they left and there was this conversation that hit me the most. It actually hurt you know.. hoping.. for nothing? It’s like running and you think the finish line’s so near and you could see that mark where it means you’re done, it’s like that chat that kept me hanging that I thought I’d know for real if everything or anything at all was true… eventually, I’m just running and I’m so tired. Emotions are messed up, you know? I don’t want them and like the famous john green line goes.. “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.”

It’s those 4am thoughts and reveals the feelings the most. 

I’ll post about day 2 tomorrow :D (when you’ll actually see the happy sisters haha)

  • have nothing good to post
  • listening to this awesome mix 
  • reading this cute story
  • thinking if I should join the 100 happy days challenge
  • smells the stench of chicken bc i just ate two.. AGAIN (not obsessed)
  • excited for the 3 day slumber party with some great friends tom
  • not studying for my test for the review center on May
  • worried i might waste my life
  • wondering what’s the right college for me
  • wanting water
  • typing bullets to ease time (a lame, sorry ass excuse for a new entry)
  • mad at my emotions
  • depressed about not ranting how i felt these days 
  • cannot state how i even feel
  • saying let’s just go with this so goodbye and i hope you’re all good
Ganda ng blog mo ate! :) dapat i-try mo na mag-blogspot. Ang ganda kaya ng mga pinagpopost mo ate <3 sana patuloy mo pa rin. :) -G - Anonymous

HAHAHAHAHAHA im okay with tumblr heh but wait are you mocking me </3 joke thank you so much G bby girl hihi (though i know who you are of course haha lab u so mats) <3 


Remember my best friend who I modeled with? (i posted about that before haha check it here!) we call each other boberz.. heh it’s a long story

Well I could tell our bond’s incredibly tighter already & it’s a friendship worth keeping close to my heart as I hope she would too~ (yiie cheesy omg we even cooked an egg on the street haha.. with foil ofc)

Anyways, I’ll tell you about yesterday and today (the days we’ve been hanging out this summer lol like we don’t even go to school together or we’re not neighbors OR we’re not tutormates ..or i’m not going to be with her together again next week hahahahah shocks clingy, but I love clingy!! #landimoments)

imageRoaming around the village (day 1)
She took that photo! follow her instagram: @kylartpopx she’s been depressed about the loss of her followers since her last one got hacked haha
imageshe took this too lol I brought her vanilla frappes.. she gave me an egg… so yeeep we cooked it yesterday with the heat of the sun lol 
Check out how it looks like here ((it looks like a man throwing an egg himself)) in the end, idk why but only the yellow part was okay but WE DIDN’T EAT OKAY HAHAHA it got dirty because of the wind
her adorable chihuahua, Ampin!!! <33 hihi


Taste test (Day 2)
hahah yeah remnants of what happened at early 10am

  • blindfolded we tried local & international: chips, cookies and cereals
  • for our friend’s(newly mine but kyla’s even before) thesis who’s from SFU or Southville yay and it was a fun experience + yay free food
  • we watched Wicked for a while (on the laptop lol but our taste tester / ate Kei got to watch it in the Emerald section aka the one really upfront sigh *sheds tears*) 

After that I just ate chicken ((again)) the post earlier about my dog happened yesterday actually haha I just queued that post 
Kyla needed to go to the dentist and she brought me along bc perks of being neighbors~

what she did was take pictures of the middle parts of her and my fingers.. she calls it… FINGER ELBOWS or knees but it does weirdly look like knees or roses.. or maybe sumo wrestler faces idk fkjdghkjs but yeah everything was fun yay 

 How my dog reacts to fried chicken

when I placed my dog on top of the bed she went straight to that spot where I ate the chicken and started playing and twisting trying to enjoy herself in her own personal space of happiness and chicken stench lol